Professional Project Planning

Project management, mentoring, implementation, and evaluation for community projects

Our mission at Progress Village is to empower organisations dedicated to community development and local economic growth by providing expert project management consultancy services.

We improve their impact through detailed projects, assessments, and evaluations. We specialize in community development, tourism, outdoor recreation, sport and recreation, health, and multi-use trail design.

Our clients achieve their goals more effectively, driving positive change within their communities.

Have you got a community project that could use an expert’s touch?

Planning a community project can come with a lot of headaches and negotiating the red tape can be the stuff nightmares are made of!
Fortunately for you, we LOVE all the aspects of project planning and we’ve got the experience to back it up.

Who do we help?

If you’ve got a community project that has not yet come to fruition, we’d love to chat. We especially love working on projects in community development, outdoor recreation, tourism, and health.

Non-profit organisations of all sizes

Social impact businesses

Local, State, and Federal government agencies

Large corporations


Tourism Organistaions

How can we help?

We can help you to take the stress out of project planning in the following ways:

Professional Project Planning

Let us do the hard work developing your strategic plans and evaluation protocols for grants, tenders, and other funding applications.

Project Management Mentoring

Are you new to project management? Having an experienced project manager to guide you on your project delivery and evaluation processes is invaluable and can help you ensure the success of your project. Both group and individual options available.

Project Fixing

Are you mid-project and experiencing issues during the implementation process?  If so, this service may be exactly what you need.  We will work with you to address those issues and get your project back on track.

Project Implementation & Evaluation

Interviews, focus groups, advisory meetings, assessments, and data analysis are not for the faint-hearted. We can take all of this off your plate and ensure you tick all the boxes you need to get your project through the final stages.

Planning & Infrastructure Assessments

Outdoor recreation, eco-tourism, and adventure tourism often require detailed planning and infrastructure assessments that can be time consuming and tricky.  We have a wealth of experience in this area and have a passion for developing such assessments.

Workshops and Public Speaking

Need some help presenting your project to investors, boards, or the public? Or maybe you’ve got a group of people that would benefit from our expert knowledge? Ask us how we may be able to help with workshops or public speaking engagements.

Why choose Project Village for your Project Planning needs?

Increased project implementation success

Cost effective

Stronger chance of acquiring funding/tenders

Experienced partner support

Improved professionalism on your project

Highly-experienced and qualified project planner

Who are we?

Meet Dr Leah Stevenson (PhD), our chief project strategist and fixer extraordinaire!
Based on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands in Tropical North Queensland, Leah has a passion for well structured project planning and excellent evaluation processes.
When she’s not helping others to create smoothly run projects, she can often be found out on her mountain bike or helping run the family business – Off Camber Mountain Biking.