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Specialists in community projects, trail design, outdoor recreation & tourism plans

Our mission

Our mission is to improve social, economic, and environmental outcomes for communities through well planned and implemented project design.

The Progress Village Story

After years working in health promotion for the Queensland government and academic research, Leah had developed strong project planning skills and felt that there was a need for projects that helped to develop healthier lifestyles in a more natural way rather than dealing with the symptoms of the status quo.
The next step on her journey was to complete her doctorate – not an easy feat for a busy Mum of two. Leah’s thesis topic was “The planning and management of outdoor recreation settings: an integrated sustainability, health promotion and leisure research approach (”. This beautifully encapsulated everything she is passionate about.
When she was awarded her PhD in 2021, Leah was ready to start her business and Progress Village was born. The name comes from the concept that to move forward or progress, we need to work together because it takes a village!
As a keen mountain biker, hiker, kayaker and avid outdoor enthusiast, the Atherton Tablelands is the ideal location for her to base herself but she loves to work on projects anywhere her expertise can be of value.
Leah is excited to work on projects that directly benefit the community with outdoor recreation and tourism especially if they involve bike trails! With her vast knowledge in those areas, she can add incredible value throughout all stages of the planning process for any project in that space.
What we love most is seeing others shine when they share their amazing ideas for a project that will help their community and working with them to make that idea a reality.

Leah’s Qualifications and Accolades

This list of impressive accomplishments reinforces what an asset Leah is to any project:

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Graduate Diploma Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science

(Health Promotion)

Cert IV Outdoor Recreation


Cert IV Training & Assessing

Mountain Biking Instructor

Auscycling & BICP

Conference presentations

Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland & Rotorua


Published across many health, environmental, and tourism publications


2023 Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards- Customer Service Excellence Award- Trade, Retail & Services


2023 Cairns Business Women’s Club Business Excellence Awards – Small Business

What is important to us?

At the heart of everything we do are the following values:


A well-organised project is much more likely to run on time and on budget!

Effective communication

Successful project planning requires effective communication, both within the team and with stakeholders. Clear and timely communication fosters collaboration, resolves issue and keeps everyone informed and aligned.


Being able to adapt to those unexpected changes and challenges that may pop up throughout a project is vital to ensure the success of any project.

Affiliations and Associations

Some of our past clients include…