Shared-Use Trail Design

Creating outdoor recreation and tourism areas for tourism and sport

Want to create an outdoor recreation area that will appeal to locals and tourists whilst being environmentally responsible?

Trail design and building guidelines are essential tools for influencing behaviour and environmental impact of users utilising walking, mountain biking and shared-use recreation trails.

In her thesis, Dr Leah Stevenson aimed to improve the management of outdoor recreation areas near townships by identifying key social, economic, and environmental approaches most relevant to outdoor recreation. Based on her research studies, the Progress Village team will provide evidence-based building advice. Using our shared-use trail assessment protocol, we help you design and build sustainable, world-class, shared-use trails. 

At Progress Village, we will work with you to create a design that encourages people to be active, healthy, and environmentally responsible.

Our area of expertise

Here’s where we excel…

Shared-use trail design, associated signage, and facilities

Walker and mountain biker characteristics and behaviours on trail, including trail sustainability and environmental impacts

Trail user experience

Female participation in mountain biking

How can we assist you?

There are several ways we can assist you with your outdoor recreation project:

Shared-use Trail Design Assessment

Whether your trail is an existing one or you are starting from scratch, we will take the maps you have and analyse and review the situation. This will include a comprehensive plan for walker and mountain biker facilities both at trailheads and on trail, signage, features, overnight facilities, hygiene, and overall appeal.

On-site Trail Assessment During the Build

We will join you on-site to identify design features that reduce environmental impact of trail users, increase walker and mountain biker usability, appeal and safety, as well as planning out trail entry, exits, alternate routes, facilities, camping, hygiene, parking and other facilities. This can spare you from potential project hurdles and holdups.

Stakeholder Engagement

Let us consult, engage, and represent your organisation in communicating with local stakeholders such as traditional owners, user groups, landowners, and local/state/federal government about your trail requirements wherever required. Our experience will serve you well.

Why choose Project Village for your Shared-Use Recreation Trail Design?

Increased project implementation success

Cost effective

Stronger chance of acquiring funding/tenders

Experienced partner support

Improved professionalism on your project

Highly-experienced and qualified project planner